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A Visit to WRTI

April 3, 1998



1998 photos created and posted by Jerry Klein.

On April 3, 1998 (the day after Ed Sciaky's 50th birthday), a group of ten WRTI alumni returned to the Temple main campus for a visit to the WRTI of both today and yesterday. The visit started in Annenberg Hall, home of the current WRTI-FM studios. It continued across Norris street in the basement of Thomas Hall, the home from 1948 to 1968 of the original WRTI AM and FM studios. It concluded with lunch at the Owl's Nest luncheonette on North Broad Street.

The photos on this page were taken by Jerry Klein. We will be adding video clips recorded by Gerry Wilkinson. Click here to see additional still photos from video taken by Gerry Wilkinson.

Photo 1 - The entire group, outside the entrance to the WRTI-FM studios (left to right): Bob Backman, Elliott Paul, Harry Wolf, Jerry Klein, Walt Mocrytzki, Fran Odyniec, Ed Sciaky, Gerry Wilkinson, Ed Cunningham, Charlie Tomlinson.

Photo 2 - Assembled in the WRTI-FM lobby are Elliott Paul, Walt Mocrytzki, Fran Odyniec, Harry Wolf, Charlie Tomlinson, WRTI-FM Marketing and Sales Coordinator Jessica Wisneski (our tour guide), Ed Sciaky, Ed Cunningham.

Photo 3 - Ed Sciaky (right) and Ed Cunningham (rear) in the on-air studio at WRTI-FM. Obscured behind the microphone extension arms is classical music host Jack Moore. Behind him is a production assistant.

Photo 4 - WRTI-FM classical music host Jack Moore.

Photo 5 - Several of our group in the on-air studio. The jazz music library is through the door at right. The on-air host sits at the console to the right, out of the photo. The blond with her back to the camera is our tour guide, WRTI-FM Marketing and Sales Coordinator Jessica Wisneski. Also shown left to right are Gerry Wilkinson, Bob Backman, Fran Odyniec, Harry Wolf, Walt Mocrytzki, Charlie Tomlinson and Ed Sciaky. Sitting on top of the console at front right are a couple of the soft pretzels Jerry Klein brought for the group to munch on.

Photo 6 - Ed Sciaky (foreground) and Walt Mocrytzki examine the jazz music library, located adjacent to the on-air studio. The classical music library is housed a few yards away, outside of the studios, in what was and still is the office area. By the way, the office that Jerry Klein had as the last student station manager is now the office of the paid professional station manager.

Photo 7 - Closeup of Harry Wolf.

Photo 8 - Closeup of Elliott Paul.

Photo 9 - Closeup of Ed Cunningham.

Photo 10 - Closeup of Charlie Tomlinson.

Photo 11 - Closeup of Ed Sciaky.

Photo 12 - Closeup of Fran Odyniec.

Photo 13 - Left to right: Ed Cunningham, a WRTI-FM newsman, Elliott Paul and Bob Backman in the WRTI-FM newsroom.

Photo 14 - The console in the production control room.

Photo 15 - Reel-to-reel tape decks in the production control room.

Photo 16 - Inside one of the TV production studios a few steps away from the WRTI-FM studios: Bob Backman, Harry Wolf, Walt Mocrytzki, Charlie Tomlinson, Gerry Wilkinson.

Photo 17 - Ed Cunningham and Elliott Paul outside the rear door to the original WRTI studios in Thomas Hall.

Although all the radio equipment is gone and the glass windows between the studios and control rooms have been covered with plywood, little else seems to have changed in the Thomas Hall basement. The walls and ceilings are still covered with the original acoustical tile. The ductwork seems to be unchanged, and the floor tile appears to be the same we walked on 30 years ago. One major change: the water cooler at the bottom of the steps is no longer there.

Photo 18 - The familiar bench in the hallway in the basement of Thomas Hall is still there. Sitting and recalling some memories are Elliott Paul, Ed Cunningham, Fran Odyniec and Bob Backman. Standing, back to camera, are Harry Wolf and Charlie Tomlinson. Here's a photo showing Ed Cunningham sitting in almost the exact same spot in 1967. Sitting next to Ed are Lenore Patterson, Sandy McDaniel and someone else I can't make out. Standing is Ed Sciaky. Barely visible on the right is Howie Shapiro. View the two photos side by side.

Photo 19 - Ed Sciaky revisits the old Music Library (aka "Sciaky's One-Stop.") "My records are all gone!!"

Photo 20 - Gerry Wilkinson walks down the central hallway in the basement of Thomas Hall. What used to be the WRTI AM and FM studios are now used by students of the School of Music as practice rooms. To the left is the door to what was Studio B. On the right are the doors (from back to front) to Studio C, Control Room C (the FM control room) and Control Room D (the AM control room). Studio D is out of the photo to the right. The glass in the small windows in the doors has been removed and the holes covered with plywood, but they are still the original doors.

Photo 21 - Sitting on the bench: Elliott Paul, Jerry Klein, Ed Cunningham, Charlie Tomlinson, Bob Backman, Ed Sciaky. Standing foreground: Harry Wolf. Standing background: Fran Odyniec, Gerry Wilkinson.

Photo 22 - Inside Studio A. Plywood covers the windows that looked into studio B. Shown are Ed Sciaky, Bob Backman, Charlie Tomlinson and Walt Mocrytzki.

Photo 23 - At right is the rear exit. At center is the door to Control Room A. Out of view to the right of that door is Studio A.

Photo 24 - Ed Cunningham examines the rear exit.

Photo 25 - Gerry Wilkinson with his video camera inside Control Room B (aka Master Control). Plywood covers the windows that looked into Studio B (left) and Studio A (left). Here's how it looked in 1967.

Photo 26 - Inside Control Room B (Master Control). Along the wall on the right used to be the equipment racks that contained, among other things, the transmitter controls, as can be seen in this photo from 1967. Note the pipe sticking out of the wall in both photos. That's me (Jerry Klein) in the 1967 photo. I was engineering Ed Sciaky's "Broadside" folk music program with in-studio guest Janis Ian.

Photo 27 - Elliott Paul, Fran Odyniec and Harry Wolf inside the entrance to Control Room B (Master Control).

Photo 28 - The group waits with anticipation as a Temple employee unlocks the door to Control Room C.

Photo 29 - Examining the inside of Control Room C are Harry Wolf, Fran Odyniec, Ed Cunningham, and Gerry Wilkinson, while Walt Mocrytzki and Charlie Tomlinson wait outside.

Photo 30 - A couple of Temple music students inside Studio B. Plywood covers the window into Control Room B. Studio A is behind the wall with the blackboard.

Photo 31 - Harry Wolf, Elliott Paul, Walt Mocrytzki and Ed Sciaky converse at the entrance of Studio B. Here's a photo taken from a similar position in 1967, when Janis Ian performed on Ed Sciaky's Saturday night folk music show, Broadside.

Photo 32 - Bob Backman and Harry Wolf outside the open door to Control Room D, which was the on-air studio for WRTI-AM.

Photo 33 - The entire group poses in the hallway. Little did we realize in the late 60s that THIS was the REAL "Camelot"!!! Shown left to right: Ed Sciaky, Charlie Tomlinson, Harry Wolf, Bob Backman, Walt Mocrytzki, Elliott Paul, Ed Cunningham, Jerry Klein, Fran Odyniec, Gerry Wilkinson.

Photo 34 - The group upstairs, inside the main hall of Thomas Hall. It is currently used by the Theater Department. That's a piece of stage scenery at left. Note the beautiful stained glass window. This is one of the buildings that the Temple administration wants to tear down.

Photo 35 - The exterior of Thomas Hall as seen from Broad Street. The stained glass window is the one shown from the interior in the previous photo.

Photo 36 - Ordering lunch inside the Owl's Nest luncheonette.

Photo 37 - Waiting in the Owl's Nest for their lunches and reminiscing about old times are Charlie Tomlinson, Fran Odyniec, Elliott Paul, Ed Cunningham, Ed Sciaky and Walt Mocrytzki.

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