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1965-66 Executive Staff


(As reflected in Sept. 14, 1965 FM Exec. Staff meeting minutes, provided by Mike Biel)

Station Manager Robert Cirillo
Program Director David McLaughlin
Music Director (Fall semester) Doris Abelson
Music Director (Spring semester); also Technical Director Michael Biel
News Director Ronald Wertheimer
Sports Director Larry Doyle
Special Events Director Jerry DelColliano
Promotion Director Robert Donze
Continuity/Traffic Director Marlene Patrick
Personnel Director Michael Bove
? Stephen Most
? Edward Sciaky

Station Manager Michael Saperstone
Barry Cooney
Ray Didinger
Ruth Geller
Jane Lessner
Charles Liebman
Barry Miller
Walter Mocrytzki
Alan Weiss
Continuity/Traffic Director Bob Backman (Spring)

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