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"Florence Weiss Interviews"

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Posted by Jerry Klein

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During the Spring semester of 1967, Florence Weiss hosted a series of interview shows called "In and Around." On February 20, 1967, her in-studio guest was newscaster and talk show host Tom Snyder, then of Philadelphia's KYW-TV.

Florence asks Tom about his Emmy, and his interview show, "Contact." (1 minute 59 seconds)
Snyder explains why he could never do a late night show! (28 seconds)
Snyder tells why 9 a.m. is a great time slot, and voices his opinions about his competitors. (57 seconds)
Here's a promo Snyder recorded for the show. (12 seconds)

On April 24, 1967, Florence interviewed WIP's "Morning Mayor," Joe McCauley, on "In and Around"

Here's a portion of the interview. (43 seconds)
The entire interview is available on the website of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia.
Here's a promo Joe McCauley recorded for the program. (10 seconds)
Joe also did a station break. (9 seconds)

In the Fall of 1967, Florence's show was renamed "The Guest Book." Here are the intro and close production for that program:

"The Guest Book" - Intro. Announced by Jerry Klein. (50 seconds)
"The Guest Book" - Close. Announced by Jerry Klein. (36 seconds)

In November or December, Florence and Jerry Klein, who announced and engineered Florence's programs, traveled to New York City to interview noted TV producer and talk show host David Susskind for "The Guest Book."

Here is the start of the show (intro by Jerry Klein). (1 minute 14 seconds)
Florence asks Susskind about the TV shows he is producing. (50 seconds)
Susskind talks about the difference between the early days of television and the present. (1 minute 23 seconds)
Discussing the potential proliferation of TV channels and networks, Susskind proves his crystal ball was a bit cloudy. (48 seconds)

Florence's program on October 20, 1967, featured clips from an earlier interview with John Davidson. (1 minute 58 seconds)

Florence frequently got her interview subjects to record promos for their appearances on her show. Here's one by then KYW-TV weatherman Bill Kuster (who later moved to a station in Denver). (16 seconds)

In the Spring of 1968, Florence's program was renamed to "Focus Philadelphia." WIP, which was then the leading radio station in Philadelphia, ran a photo in its internal newsletter showing Florence interviewing Tom Moran of WIP, George Lord of WCAU and Jay Cook of WFIL (his name was misspelled as Cooke in the newsletter). Jerry Klein is also in the photo at far left.

Here are the Focus Philadelphia opening and closing from the Spring of 1969. Announcer Ed Sciaky.

Opening (47 seconds)
Closing. (33 seconds)

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