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Last Broadcast from Thomas Hall

Audio provided by Mike Biel. Posted by Jerry Klein.

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Well, he finally found it. In an old tape container, mislabeled, Mike Biel found the last 34 minutes of the final broadcast from Thomas Hall, from May of 1968. Let's let Mike tell you about it:

Listening to it is great. Ed [Sciaky] and I did the show and [Jerry] Klein engineered. Apparently everything was breaking down that last day of broadcasting. We mention that the Buss Box and the headphone jacks were not working, and there was some strange feedback in the board. Ed and I really sound nostalgic and we get a log of good zingers off on each other. A couple of the recordings were bleeped, so there was some preparation for this, and apparently there also was a cue sheet listing the cuts. I think Klein prepared these. The bleeps were full of wow and flutter, and they sound like they were spliced in from a tape of tone. Did you guys remember that the studio mics got cut off of the output buss when talkback is pressed? I didn't. It explains why we yelled thru the glass during broadcasts instead of using talkback.

The tape starts in the middle of the program, in the middle of Richard Chamberlain (!) messing up a promo ID. Either this is the second tape, or I had forgotten to start the aircheck.

After I do the live sign off, Jerry plays the Nat'l Anthem, and it is not the usual one we used for years from the Navy record. When it ends there is the start of a Sciaky recording with some background music. It doesn't go far enough to see if it is a sign off or sign on, but I bet that Jerry used the sign on cart for the anthem because I had done a live sign off. We probably turned the key to cut the recording off the air, but it is still on the tape--until it is stopped.

Missing from the program are Phil's [Sabatelli] phone dialing, the newsreel using real news, Ellie's [Menna] Toinnette's fairy program, my "Communist Drew Pearson" blooper, [Gary] Aptaker's H, and other things from my blooper reels. We probably did those first. What is here seems to be from Wilkenpfnerb's [Gerry Wilkinson] blooper reel, which is fine with me because I don't otherwise have these. My stuff is on the web site, but I would have liked to have heard how I introed these things.

Oh, and you have GOT to hear the final song before the anthem. I think Klein pulled this on us without telling us what he was going to play.

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