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"The 50th Anniversary of the

Temple Radio Studios"

Posted by Jerry Klein.

January 22, 1998, marked the 50th anniversary of the dedication of the radio studios at Temple University. Those studios, in the basement of Thomas Hall (which the University demolished several months later!) became the home of WRTI AM and FM until 1968, when Annenberg Hall was opened.

Read the actual program from the 1948 dedication, courtesy of Mike Muderick.

On January 21, 1998, the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia devoted a portion of its meeting to a commemoration of the anniversary. On this page, we have text, still photos (taken by Jerry Klein's wife, Anne Klein), and both audio and video (recorded by Jerry Klein) of portions of that commemoration. Gerry Wilkinson has posted some still shots from the video he recorded.

To hear any of the audio clips, click on the icon at the start of the description. To view the video clip (with audio), click on the corresponding icon. For information on Real Audio® and Real Video®, and instructions on how to obtain the FREE Real Player™, go to our WRTI Real Audio Page. (Note: the same player will play both audio and video).

The ceremony began with some background presented by Jerry Klein.

Following Jerry's introduction, Professor John Roberts reminisced about WRTI. Here's a photo.

  • Click here to read the TEXT of John's remarks
  • John explained how WRTI-AM got started (1 minute 23 seconds)(Note: the audio drops out momentarily in the middle of this clip. John, who was waving his hands while speaking, accidentally hit the microphone, which caused the automatic limiting circuit to cut the volume briefly.)
  • Although the AM signal was limited, there were some places where it could be heard off campus (29 seconds)
  • As John explains, WRTI-AM actually had advertisers! (59 seconds)
  • John talked about some of the more unusual programs on WRTI over the years (1 minute 2 seconds)
  • John concluded his remarks by describing two of the popular programs on WRTI (1 minute 47 seconds)

(The audio on the following video clips is less than optimal. There was a great deal of background noise caused by the wait staff clearing tables, and luncheon attendees chatting with one another.)

After the luncheon, the WRTI alumni who attended the commemoration posed for a group photo. Here's a still photo of the entire group.

And then I (Jerry Klein) went around to each of them and recorded video greetings:

Ed Harding
Mike Muderick
Ed Cunningham, in his best PBS beg-a-thon form
Sam Feinberg is a real old-timer!
Walt Mocrytzki and Ed Sciaky
Bob Backman
Gerry Wilkinson

I asked Gerry to give us his traditional greeting:

Then they got me in the picture for one last, er, hurrah:

Gerry Wilkinson has posted some still shots from the video he recorded.

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