Stock's Strange Stuff

Stock's Strange Stuff

Misc. Items

The following are items from the collection of Bill Stock. On January 26, 1998, Bill mailed two envelopes. One went to me, Gerry Wilkinson. The other went to Jerry Klein. The second envelope contains mainly audio items for insertion in "The Jerry Klein Annex." Jerry has already uploaded some of the items and still more items. The first envelope was filled with a little of everything. Much of it consists of items printed on the old purple ditto machine. The imagery is not clear enough to get a good conversion from hard copy to text using the Xerox Text Bridge software. About 60% of the first item (which was five pages long) had to be re-typed. This is time consuming. But it will eventually get done.

An e-mail from Bill Stock to Gerry Wilkinson....Great job on all the stuff you're posting. Had no idea it would be quite such a pain in the butt, with all the re-typing. You are hereby commended with one scratchy 78rpm fanfare from my mental sound-truck.

From Gerry Wilkinson....On behalf of Jerry Klein and myself, we accept your fanfare. We, too, are quietly proud! (Whatever the hell that means!) Also, when you are done your second term as leader of SCIMsylvania, I would like to run. Mike Biel said that this is your second term. When I asked, "How long is Bill is for?" Biel said, "10 to 20." I guess you'll be out soon.

Item #1 - HTML re-creation of a Bill Stock handout, "Engineering" Not Just a Job, but a Responsibility." This item deals with informing beginning WRTI-AM engineers on how to work the Studio "D" console. Bill refers to this as, "My treatise to AM engineers when I was AM Technical Director. This would be '62 or '63???"

Item #2 - Bill Stock and friend in 1995. "What's in the can, Billy? Will you still be Quietly Proud after consuming it?" Bill says, "The 1995 one is at some party or other. You can crop Bogie out if you want. I usually wear glasses now, but you get the general idea."

Item #3 - A 1964 photo of Bill Stock. Bill refers to this as, "Yours truly. The 1964 shot was taken at WIBF for a full-page ad in the Inquirer. (Bought that jacket especially - cute, huh?)"

Item #4 - A 1967 Bill Stock Photo. Bill refers to this as, a "1967 shot...taken at Fort Monmouth, NJ, when I was a small green soldier."

Item #5 - Material dealing with the Mugwumps Political Campaign on SCIM, Some Call It Madness

Item #6 - The cover of the 1964 WRTI Banquet.

Item #7 - Bill Stock's letter thanking the staff for the assistance in the 1964 WRTI-FM/WIBF election coverage

Item #8 - This is a reproduction of the 12 page purple colored ditto sheet sent to us by Bill Stock. It probably dates from 1962 or 1963. It's from his Radio 44 (later called Communications 44 and still later RTF 44) class, the Glossary of Radio Terms.

Item #9 - This is a reproduction of the two page Radio 44 (later called Communications 44 & RTF 44) class handout prepared by Mr. Seibel. It's called Studio Sign Language.

Item #10 - This is a scan of the three page Communications 43 (later called RTF 43) class handout prepared by Professor Roberts. It's called Console Operation and gives instructions on how to operate the consoles in Studios A, B & C on pages 1 & 2 (including Master Control and FM studios) and on page 3 the AM console from Studio D.

Item #11 - This is a scan of the two page Communications 44 (later called RTF 44) class handout prepared by Professor Blenheim. It's called Sound Effects.

Item #12 - Script of Episode 10, Pitiful Place. It aired March 12, 1966 on SCIM, Some Call it Madness.

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