Where Are They Now?

Missing People

By the way, someone once told us that they saw their name on this page and didn't respond because the information was correct. We have no way of knowing that it IS correct. Time is limited and we just don't have much of it to verify all of this. If you see your name here or have ANY additional information, kindly let us know.

If you have any ideas where some of these people are, please e-mail us.

Steve Cohen (aka Steve Raymond)
Ron Hogg
Ellen Raider
Barry Jacob
Bob Klewans
Hedda Svonksin
Sue Leider
Joyce Frank
John Otterson
Kenneth Gardner
Ann Rochelle
Harlene Lit
George Siegal
Stephanie Estreicher
Chuck Radbill
Barry Rosenberg
Gerald Schall
Andrea Steinbach
Garnett Levin
Al DeProspero
Dave Silverman
Phyllis Zatkaw
Jeanne Horvitz Tannenbaum
Gordon Spencer Kahn
Marian Lobel Coopersmith
Annette "Noodles" Levin
Robert Lamb
Ed Keen
Annette Sandler
Patricia Shue
Ed Goldman
Chuck Clerke
Elaine Freed
Russ Greaves
Arden Cohen
Bud Bigger
John Bulack
Arnold Finkel
Ron Robbins
Louis Zimmer
Carol Emas
Larry Doyle
Harold Vogel
Ken Medd
Jerry Ashworth
Charles Jones
Maria Fabrizi
Sheldon Leader
Elinor Wittenberg
Barry Cooney
Ruth Geller
Barry Miller
Jerry Caplan
Rosalea Mersky
Paul Tennesen
Bob Rothstein
Kent Bishop
Scott Filderman
Kenn Honnen
Lois Farber
Ardell Creeley
Gayla Gerstenfeld
Rick Bersh
Mark Frantz
Honey Coane
John Friedman
Larry Malloy
Van Jacobs
Marc Kramer
Bill Walker
Emily Marie Trotter
Suzy Rosengarden
Jim McMunn
Elaine Sweeney (Andy Civitella's old girlfriend)
Steve Tannenbaum
Marty Adelemen
Harold Thomas
Art Kaplan
Patricia Shue
Cathy Spinelli
Galen Longwell
Bob Zuckerman
Al Zimmerman
Joel Dorn
Harvey Levine
Joan Dorfman
Steve Apple
Ed Dash
Paul Tennyson
Barbara Morgenstern
Bob Chipitz
Glenn Duff
Jeff Gucklick (?)
Jeff Gucklick may really be John Gulick, a Journ kinda guy who, I think, graduated in '62 with me. John was an AF public affairs officer. He retired as a Lt Col. some years ago. Not sure where he is now.
(reported by Jay Welsh)

Former WRTIer Bill Baker writes: I agree it's more than likely John Gulick. He was a fellow Alpha Chi Rho that I met initially at our Thiel College chapter in Greenville, not too far north from where I hang out. A year or so after I graduated I stopped by the house at Temple and was surprised to see John. He told me he'd transferred. He did indeed end up in the Air Force as a PIO officer. Later, I either read or heard that he'd opened an advertising and PR agency in Florida, then moved to Maryland.
Bob Kassi
Bob is a GM of a radio station in Florida. Gerry Wilkinson has tried to call him several times, but so far, no luck.
(found by Dena Shuman McKinley)
Bill Walker
I should have mentioned Bill Walker, another communicatons major and Alpha Chi Rho, who did RTI work. He was in my class, 1959. Bill's wife is Danish and they spend summers in Denmark. I don't know if he has net access there or not, in any event he didn't respond to my e-mail about the WRTI site. Nor do I know if he'd want his e-mail address posted. I'll send him yours and then it's Bill's decision.

However, I'd feel safe in saying you could add this information if you want to post his name.

Bill Walker, '59. Bill was an Army career officer, retiring after 20 years with the rank of major. He continued with the Army, eventually becoming head archivist and then taking yet another retirement several years ago. Anyone interested in contacting Bill can e-mail me.
We handled the final project for Lew Klein's TV class. I produced, Walker directed. I did a script, condensing Wilder's Our Town. We spent a heck of a lot of time on it but just received a B. Bummer. That kept me off the Dean's List.
(reported by Bill Baker)
Bill Iles
Bill Iles lives in Allentown. I don't have the address at my fingertips, but as I recall it might be listed under his wife's name...Karol Iles or just K. Iles. Bill worked for FIL and Rodale Press, but had the weird desire to run his own ad agencies that kept going down the chute. He was managing a convenience store, at last report.
(reported by Bill Baker)
Beau (Boris) Weisman
Ran his own PR firm in Philadelphia for many years, was in-house with a consulting firm whose name escapes me at the moment. Not sure if he's still active or retired. Here is the info I have on him:
Mr. Boris E. Weisman
Carole Commun. Consultants
P.O. Box 718
Devon, PA 19333
610-525-3345 FAX: 610-525-3188
EMAIL: carolecom@aol.com
Home: 121 Lantern Lane
King of Prussia, PA 19406
(Reported by Jerry Klein)
Ken Peters
A member of Sig Pi. He graduated in 1957 and had a successful adagency career in Pittsburgh. Last I heard he was living in Allison Park, a northern suburb.
(reported by Bill Baker)
Bob Marek
The last I knew (of him) was in the early '80's. He was the morning man on an AM station in Vineland, New Jersey (WJJZ or BBZ, or BJZ or something like that) that may well no longerexist.
(reported by Marilyn Joan Alkus Bonomi)
Ilene Munetz (Pachman)
There's a book called "Like A Knot in My Shoelace," written by Ilene Munetz Pachman and illustrated by Karen Ostrove, was created to help children 5 to 8 years old, understand and express their grief on the death of someone they love. The cost is $9.85 plus shipping and handling. Contact Book Service, 800-594-5617. Mike Muderick syas, "I think Ilene Munetz was either a J-major or RTF major and worked at the station. Not sure."
Steve Whitney
Steve Whitney lived at 74 Fisher St., Medway, MA 02053. Steve used to be an executive with the Boy Scouts of America. Info may not now be current.
(reported by Fred Woskoff)
John Ketterer
According to a Fall 1956 WRTI Program Guide, he was, at that time, Program Director for a station in Urbana, Illinois.
Roger Holmes
According to a Fall 1956 WRI Program Guide, he was, at that time, an announcer for WPFH in Wilmington.
(reported by Gerry Wilkinson)
Was my boss at my first paying radio job, at WAMS in Wilmington back in 1967 or 1968.
(reported by Jerry Klein)
James Hirshfield
According to a Fall 1956 WRTI Program Guide, he was, at that time, a director for WCAU-TV.
Alice Groff
According to a Fall 1956 WRTI Program Guide, she was, at that time, Executive Director of International Motion Pictures Corporation in Washington, D.C.
Stanley Goldstein
According to a Fall 1956 WRTI Program Guide, he was, at that time, Radio and Television Director of Feigenbaum Advertising Agency.
Richard Golden
According to a Fall 1956 WRTI Program Guide, he was, at that time, Director of University of the Air at WFIL-TV.
George Frick
According to a Fall 1956 WRTI Program Guide, he was, at that time, Sports Director for WPFH in Wilmington.
Herman Field
According to a Fall 1956 WRTI Program Guide, he was, at that time, a television actor. He had done work on the Joe and Mabel series, Studio One and the Kraft Theater.
Gil Fagan
According to a Fall 1956 WRTI Program Guide, he was, at that time, a producer for WPEN.
Allan Eisen
According to a Fall 1956 WRTI Program Guide, he was, at that time, Public Relations Director for the Greater New York Council for the Boy Scouts of America.
Bob Barber
According to a Fall 1956 WRTI Program Guide, he was, at that time, at WBAL, in Baltimore.
Helen Atkinson
According to a Fall 1956 WRTI Program Guide, she was, at that time, Public Service Director for WNAR, Norristown.
Shirley Abrams
According to a Fall 1956 WRTI Program Guide, she was, at that time doing continuity for WRCV, now KYW.
Elaine Harris
aka Elaine Harris Freeman
According to a Fall 1956 WRTI Program Guide, at that time, she was doing publicity and promotion for Channel 35, which was WHYY-TV. She also did some work for the sister station, WHYY-FM.
Dennis Fisher
He did "color" during the 1968 football season, and the 68-69 Basketball season,
including the NIT Championship. Dennis is now the Sports Editor of the "Lancaster New Era", in Lancaster, PA. He lives in Mt. Joy. His address is 4087 Hill Top Drive, RD 1, Mt. Joy, PA. 17552. (717) 684-8351.
(Reported by Fred Woskoff)
We have sent an e-mail to the newspaper and asked them to forward it to Dennis. Also forwarded an e-mail to an e-mail adress we believe to be his. So far, no response.
Dick Weiss
He did color for WRTI for the '67 football season. Dick is now one of the premiere, if not the premiere basketball writer for the New York Daily News.
(Reported by Fred Woskoff)
Jeanne Suleski
(a.k.a. Jackie Sule)
WRTI around 1961-62.
Last known address Jackson Heights, N.Y. A great singer with broadway/cabaret aspirations. (Had a great Ethel Merman voice, but could also swing sweetly) Did some off-Broadway in the 70's or early 80's.
(reported by Harold Sacks)
Stan Marinoff
Last we heard, Stan was Station Manager at WQTV at Murray State University in Murray, KY 42071.
(Reported by Chuck Sherman)
Hannah Drossner
While "surfing around" the Internet, we found that Hannah had finally gotten her Bachelor's degree in 1998 at an university in Florida. We e-mailed asking that we be put in touch with her, but received no response.
(reported by Gerry Wilkinson)
Dick Smith
He is on the west coast somewhere. He saw Bernie Alan on TV and called and they kept in touch by phone for awhile but not recently. He was living in Glendale.
(reported by Bernie Alan Canter)
Joseph Sands
Joe Sands is living in Northridge and is a member of the Alumni Association. Last I heard he was teaching at CSUN after having left KCET.
(reported by Bernie Alan Canter)
Dick DeMarco
Dick was at Channel 57 in 1992. Gerry Wilkinson was scanning old Jerry Blavat tapes to produce the Blavat pledge show for Channel 12 when he saw Dick's name in the credits. Blavat's people said the show was cut at Channel 57 in 1992 and that Dick would be in his early fifties by now. Gerry showed them an old photo of Dick from temple, and they thought it was the same person.
Fred Woskoff believes that Dick has a production company in the area. He thinks it might be in Media, Pa. Gerry Wilkinson called the only listed production company in Media and left a message. So far, no response.
June Waldo
By the late 50's, her last name was Lytel.
Dick Gouldey
There's a Dick Gouldey who is a Senior Photographer for the City of Philadelphia. His number is (215) 686-2288. Gerry Wilkinson called and left a message. So far, no response. We don't know if this is our Dick Gouldey.
Gloria Teblum (aka Gloria Cohen, Gloria Dion, Gloria Towne)
Steve Cohen married Gloria Teblum and since I dated Gloria both before and after her marriage, I know that she is married to someone else at this time. Barbara Kaufman was closer to her than I was in spite of the fact that I dated Gloria within the last 20 years.
(Reported by Dick Goldhaber)
Instructor Gary Geers
Gary Geers, who is missing from your "who's who" was my teacher for Radio 44. Gary was the in-house announcer for KYW-TV at that time, and the host of their early morning Farm Show.
(reported by Dick Goldhaber)
Richard Singer
Regency Communications
PO Box3939
Kingsman, AZ
935 Country Club Dr
Kingsman, AZ 86401
(602) 753-5532
(obtained from Jerry Klein's Alumni Directory)
George McGowen
Mgr-Communications & Meetings
Hoffman-Roche, Inc.
Roche Laboratories
Nutley, NJ
(obtained from Jerry Klein's Alumni Directory)
George has been found. Waiting for an okay to list his e-mail address. Sent several requests. So far, no response.
Barry Lane
Barry wrote Harold Sacks a few months ago... "I am not on the internet, but would like to be in touch with WRTI Types. I've lived in Philadelphia, followed by New York, a brief time in Los Angeles, back to New York, then Montreal,Toronto, Santa Fe, Louisville, Toronto(again), and now Niagara, I think I'm good for another move or two. Actually move should be replaced by adventure." Barry's a renaissance guy, it seems.
We have obtained later information from Harold Sacks and will be in contact with Barry.
(Reported by Harold Sacks)
Those interested in contacting Barry immediately can e-mail Harold Sacks for an address.
Joann Grayson
now Mrs. Joann Sokoloff
797 Mountain Avenue
(201) 891-2074
(obtained from Jerry Klein's Alumni Directory)
Anthony Glinskas
VP, IMI, Inc.
Calabasas, CA
21052 Cocobana Lane
Huntington Beach, CA 92446
(714) 962-8165
(obtained from Jerry Klein's Alumni Directory)
Mrs. Nancy Sauer
information deleted at Nancy Sauer's request!
Mervyn Feierstein is now a physican at
Deborah Hear and Lung Center
Attending Pulmonologist
200 Trenton Road
Brown Mills, NJ 08015
Home address is
21 Sandringham Road
Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004
(610) 664-0995
(information obtained from Jerry Klein's Alumni Directory)
Gerry Wilkinson called and left word on Merv's answering machine.
(So far, no response)
Larry Linderman. (I believe he wrote for Playboy for a while
(reported by Alan Labovitz and Judith "Judie" Steinberg Labovitz)
Dave Brenner (the comedian). Dr. Dusenbury once stated that David did great "Character voices."
Gerry Wilkinson reports that we found someone who says they are "David Brenner" and they knew about "gravel pit walking."
May or may not be "our" David. The person asked his e-mail address not be posted.
Joan Epstein
She married a doctor but I forgot her married name.
(Reported by Barbara Watson Kaufman)
John Cooper
"I see John Cooper periodically at SMPTE meetings. Still in the area and worked at Temple until the OTVS went belly up a few years ago. I'm sure Seibel has his address, etc."
(Reported by Mike Muderick)
Bill Dean
"Is Bill Dean still working in news at Channel 3? He was in my class, 1957 grad."
(Reported by Gene Shay, a.k.a. Ivan Shaner)
Mike Strug
Miks is at Channel 10. Gerry Wilkinson has left him two messages. So far, no response.
Fred Bauer
Fred is a film producer. Gerry Wilkinson talked to him and he said he would check out the site. So far, no response.
Venecia Cipriotti
She was Venecia Kahn for awhile.
(Reported by Barbara Watson Kaufman)
Rich Russakoff
Found an article written by a Rich Russakoff. Don't know if it is our Richie. The magazine gave me the following contact information:
Rich Russakoff
Bottom Line Consultants
1500 Cedarbluff Dr.
Richmond, VA 23233
(804) 741-5771
Steve Oxman
(aka Steve Fredericks) is currently at WIP Radio
(reported by Tom Cardella)
Joseph Schrier
address in 1990 was
4050 Ellenita Avenue
Tarzana, CA 91356
address is currently listed as valid in a search engine
Norm Fein
info below is from 1990
Sr. VP Regional News
Rainbow Prog. Holdings Company
1 Media Crossways
Woodbury, NY 11797
2600 N Netherland Av
Apt: 814
Riverdale, NY 10463
Ron Yeakley
home address is 1990 was
1042 Hymethus Avenue
Laucadia, CA 92024
Bill Wotring
home address in 1990 was
William C. Wotring
110 E. Syramore Avenue
Wildwood Crest, NJ 08250
circa 58, settled in Cape May where he worked up to radio station GM, then TV station GM. May still be active.
(reported by Joel Albert)
Don Kimberling
Home phone number is (610) 648-0146
Called once and left a message. Called next day and spoke to Don's wife. So far, no return call from Don. (They do not have Internet service).
Dave McLaughlin
Temple University Alumni records department says that they do not have a current address.
Norman Fink (a.k.a. Norman Marcus)
Temple University Alumni records department says that they do not have a current address.
Mark Itkowitz
Temple University Alumni records department says that they do have a current address for Mark, BS in RTF from 1970. While they would not release the address, they did agree to forward a letter. Letter sent.
E-mail sent to a Brandon Itkowitz. On 9/10/98, received an e-mail from Brandon saying that Mark was his father and he will put us in touch with him.
Sent second e-mail. So far, no response.
Bob Sigovich
Temple University Alumni records department says that they do have a current address for Bob, BS in RTF from 1971. While they would not release the address, they did agree to forward a letter. Letter sent. A possible phone number for him is (610) 623-2866.
Susan Shaffer
Susan Shaffer is married; lives in Wynnewood. Still goes by her birth name. She has worked at the Jewish Y downtown for many years now. She has a 10 year old daughter who looks just like her.
(information supplied by Marlene Patrick)
Marlene has contacted her and she has promised to check out the site.
So far, no response.
Sue Levit
According to the Temple University Alumni records department, Sue is now married using the name Susan Glickman. She was graduated in 1969 with a BS in RTF. While they would not release her address, they did agree to forward a letter. Letter sent.
Barry Robert Molich
Temple University Alumni records department says that they do not have a current address.
Fred Smith
Temple University Alumni records department says that they do not have a current address.
Dave Moskowitz found.
Waiting for him to okay the posting of his e-mail address.
Not sure it was really our Dave
Dale Zaris
(now Dale E. Dye)
1965 BS in Business
Foster Home Specialist
Lutheran Children & Family Services
2900 Queen Lane
Philadelphia, PA 19129
(215) 951-6800
Home address was: 621 West Chiveden Street
Philadelphia, PA 19119
(215) 843-5298
(information supplied by Jerry Klein's TU Alumni Directory, 1990)
Work address is not current.
Gerry Wilkinson talked with the organization. Dale is no longer with them. However, they will see if they can't find her (in their old records) and pass along our web site address and Gerry's phone number to her.
Letter sent to her home address.
Home address no longer valid. Letter returned by Post Office.
Joan Honig
(now Mrs. Joan H. Scott)
1966 BS in Business
Home address in 1990 was
2000 Linwood Avenue
Ft. Lee, NJ 07024
(201) 461-3421
(information supplied by Jerry Klein's TU Alumni Directory, 1990)
Letter sent. Message left on phone. So far, no response.
Rick Bayha
There is a Rick Bayha in Kansas
819 Ninth
Baldwin, KS 66006
(reported by Gerry Wilkinson)
Dr. Richard A. Bayha
Professor & Chair of the Department of Communications and Theater Arts at Baker University, in Baldwin City, Kansas. Received the university's 1997 Exemplary Teacher Award.
(reported by the Spring 1998 issue of the Temple Review)
Gerry Wilkinson has obtained what he believes to be Rick's e-mail address. E-mail sent. So far, no response. Letter sent. Second e-mail sent. Third e-mail sent. So far, no response.
Mary Beth Regan
last known address in NYC is:
409 West 48th St., Apt. 2FE
New York, NY 10036
letter with NYC address returned. Forwarding order expired.
also a house in NJ, last known address:
122 North Shore Road
Marorah, NJ 08223
(information supplied by Bill Koshelnyk)
Letters sent, so far, no response.
Al Weiss
Weiss, Alvin J.; '68 BSEd Sch. of Educ., '70 ED M Sch. of Educ.; VP,
Creative Media, American Express, American ExpressTower, Street level,
NY,NY 10285, 212-640-2987, res. 125 E. 12th St, Apt. 4B, NY,NY 10003
(information supplied by Jerry Klein from 1990 TU Alumni Directory)
Have heard from Al. Waiting for him to authorize posting his e-mail address. No response. Second e-mail sent. Letter sent. So far, no response. Not sure the e-mail really went to our Al Weiss.
Al's home address is no longer a valid one. Letter was returned.
Barry Rothman
he was on AM during the late '60's. Now a lawyer in Phila. Resides in Yeadon, Delaware County
(reported by Mike Muderick)
Barry Rothman (1992 info)
9249B Jamison Street
Phila., PA 19115
(reported by Mike Muderick)
Phone number is not valid, checked by Gerry Wilkinson
John B. Foerster
Foerster, John Bolton; '71 MS Comm/Theater; American Intl Group; res. A-2
Swarthmore Ct. Apts, 354 Swarthmore Ave., Swarthmore, PA 19081, 215-328-3939
(information supplied by Jerry klein from 1990 TU Alumni Directory)
Gerry Wilkinson called the above number (now in area code 610). Received an answering machine with a female voice. Left a message, but it is not known whether it was John's phone number. Phone is still currently listed under name JOHN FOERSTER. Still, bo response. Letter sent. So far, no response.
Shelly Davis
Bruce Smallwood told me in 1986 that Shelly's father-in-law bought him a station St. Louis.
(information supplied by Gerry Wilkinson)
Shelly was working as Road Manager for Mel Tellis is 1976
(information supplied by Walt Mocrytzki)
Robin Pollock (Epstein)
We have been sent this address
Robin Pollock Epstein
54 Greenacres Avenue
Scarsdale, NY 10583
Don Cunningham
We have been sent this address
Donald Cunningham
1925 Redcoach Road
Allison Park, PA 15101
SB has asked that all reference to her be removed from this site.