Photo of Dr. Kenneth A. Harwood, former Dean of SCAT.
Picture taken in 1970 while Dean.

In an University Press Release dated May 24, 1967, Temple announced the appointment of Dr. Harwood to the post of SCAT Dean. Temple President Millard Gladfelter said in that release, "Dr. Harwood will bring to the University and the industry in this community an understanding of the relevance of collegiate instruction in the mass media and theater to comtemporary America. His institutional and public experience will enable the University to add immeasurably to the distinction that it already has attained by contributing important personnel to the fields of journalism, radio, television, films and the theater."

Dr. Harwood assumed the post on February 1, 1968 and held it until June 30, 1978. Born in Chicago on July 12, 1924, Harwood attended the University of Missouri and received his Bachelors (1947), Masters (1948) and Ph.D (1950) from the University of Southern California. Married while working on his Ph.D., to Arlette Mary Bartley on January 28, 1949, he taught at the University of Alabama and the University of Southern California. While at the latter, he rose to Chairman for their Telecommunications Department. He was on the board of directors for several commercial broadcasters including WFLN, here in Philadelphia.

He left the University in 1978 to become Director of the newly-formed School of Communication at the University of Houston. In a letter to Dr. Harwood, Temple President Marvin Wachman said, "I can think of no one more qualified to build a new School of Communication than you; Houston is extremely lucky to have you join the university."

Dr. Harwood now resides in Santa Ynez, California, is Professor Emeritus at the University of Houston and his e-mail address is in our e-mail directory.

Bio of Dean Harwood sent to us by Kenneth Harwood