Lew Klein

Lew Klein

Retired SCAT Professor

On Sunday, December 27, 1998, Gerry Wilkinson spoke to Professor Lew Klein. On Friday, October 9, 1998, Klein had triple heart bypass surgery. Lew said that he's feeling "just fine." The doctors are delighted with his progress. He seemed in great spirits and his voice sounded strong. Professor Klein wishes everyone a happy and healthy new year and hopes to see us all at the next reunion. He's up and about and is doing just great. He still teaches an occasional class at Temple. His fall '98 lectures had 55 students. That's far from the 15 students he had when the classes were held at the WFIL-TV studios. Continued luck, Lew.

FYI, On Sunday, October 25, Gerry Wilkinson spoke via telephone to Janet Klein, Lew's wife. She said that Lew came home from the hospital on the evening of Friday, October 16th.

Janet mentioned that Lew was going "nuts" in the hospital and neogotiated with his doctors (he had three) to come home. They said he could only return home if he would hire "visiting nurses." Lew said, "Deal!"

Mrs. Klein said that the visiting nurse now only comes twice a week. Lew's next visit to the doctor is on November 10. Everything is coming along fine and his doctors say that he's expected to make a full recovery.

Sixteen and a half years ago, Lew Klein had a seven bypass operation and recovered fully.

Mrs. Klein said that Lew has been receiving many cards including from members of the Philadelphia Broadcast Pioneers, an organization Professor Klein has been active in for many years. In 1982, the group named Lew "Person of the Year." Kenneth Harwood, former Dean of Temple SCAT also sent a note to Mr. Klein, the former Executive Producer of American Bandstand during its stay in Philadelphia.

The following is written by Gerry Wilkinson....If you were pre-Annenberg, you attended Temple before September 1968. One of the favorite "pre-Annenberg" classes was taught by Lew Klein. It was "TV Production" and the class was held at the studios of Channel 6, then WFIL-TV. It was owned at that time by Triangle Publications which published the TV Guide and the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News. Triangle was owned by Walter Annenberg.

Everyone wanted this class because you got to go to the WFIL-TV studios for three hours, once a week at night. The students would use the WFIL-TV brand new color Norelco cameras. The crew didn't like it, but when Walter Annenberg was told that the students may cause destruction, he was quoted as saying, "We'll just buy more."

In an early fifties WFIL-TV handout entitled, Working Together," states....

"...Although some universities may find it possible to acquire television equipment, even the wealthiest of universities find it difficult to pay the costs of keeping up to date with the latest improvements in television equipment and design.

WFIL-TV has constantly been in the forefront in testing the newer types of equipment, and Temple University students studying in the WFIL-TV studios find it possible to learn to use the newer types of equipment and to benefit from the instruction of producers, cameramen, and others who are constantly developing new techniques in television.

It is possible that the pattern of cooperation set by WFIL-TV and Temple University with regard to television may be the ultimate pattern of television training for all large universities in the years to come.

....in his Junior and Senior years he (the student) begins work on educational, public service, or University programs on WFIL and WFIL-TV. Here he works with professionals in the field in such a way as to profit by their example and assistance....

Professor Roberts told me that Lew is financially sound and that the Kleins do an large amount of traveling. GO FOR IT, LEW.

Lew Klein said how he felt sorry for today's young people with no campus radio station for students and how most of today's courses are taught by Teaching Assistants and not Professors. He said, "How are you going to learn from someone who doesn't have much, if any, experience."

Professor Klein is a member of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia. He gave me some names and numbers of some old WRTI people. He didn't have much in the way of photos or materials about WRTI or Temple, but would see what he could dig up for us.

If in town (he expects he will) for the date of our WRTI Reunion/BBQ, he said that he and Mrs. Klein would be delighted to attend. I spoke with Lew Klein via telephone on Friday, April 24, 1998.

From Chuck Sherman....Lew Klein and I work together on many industry projects. He is well-regarded by his colleagues for his untiring efforts on behalf of broadcasting and students. We were all fortunate to have professors like John, Del, Bill, and Lew who gave us a love for our profession as well as a sense of what public service means.

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