WRTI Plaques

One Exists

What follows is an email excerpt from a student that the Kleins know at WRTI. Jerry Klein asked her to look into the status of the plaque and the taped interviews from his History of WRTI documentary. We gather from her response that the existing plaque is of the station managers, and that the awards plaque that was talked about never actually materialized....I spoke with Tobias regarding the plaque, and he has it locked up in his office so it wouldn't get damaged. The brass plates which bare the names of the former station managers, are quite tarnished. Tobias said always knew there was such a plaque. However, Ted Eldridge was the GM and he never showed it to anyone.

I told Tobias that someone I knew had inquired about it and was possibly interested in fixing it up. Tobias said that he would be open to that, and he would cooperate with myself and any alumni who were interested in getting it back in shape. Once it is fixed up, we could display it in the manner it deserves.

Hey, restoring that old plaque could turn out to be some good PR for Anne Klein & Associates and WRTI, especially since the station is celebrating it's 45th anniversary with all sorts of fanfare (I'll fill you in soon). (July 1998)

I haven't forgotten about the "archive" e-mail you sent me. That's next on my list. It's just difficult researching anything that isn't recent while school is not in session. I few of the people who would know where the tapes are located are professors out for the break. Rest assure I'll get the info. you need.

Thanks for your ear, Amber

When the "Old Gang" visited WRTI on April 3, 1998, the Station Manager was not there and his door was locked.

From Gerry Wilkinson....On July 2 I visited Temple again. I made a quick stop at the current WRTI studios in Annenberg Hall. Again, the Station Manager was not there. However, I talked to a young newscaster who said that he thinks he saw this plaque last year. He had no idea that WRTI-FM was EVER a student run radio station.

From Gerry Wilkinson....On July 16, Gerry Wilkinson was back on campus and made another stop at WRTI. This time, Station Manager Tobias Poole was there. We had a nice and friendly conversation. The Station Manager plaque was indeed in his office, sitting on the floor behind the door. However, Tobias' office is small with wall space at a premium. See the plaque. The Service Awards plaque indeed does not exist nor the documentary tapes that Jerry Klein asked about.

On September 21, 1998, Jerry Klein obtained the Station Manager's plaque for restoration. Get the details