Early (and not so early)
WRTI Photos
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These photos are listed by years. All pictures posted before July 15, 1998 remain posted where they are.


(10/3/47) Dr. Armand Hunter, David Davis and John B. Roberts*

(10/3/47) Dr. Armand Hunter and John B. Roberts inspect one of the consoles*

(10/3/47) John Roberts & David Davis in Studio A. Dr. Hunter in Control Room A*


WFIL-TV Cameras broadcast WRTI dedication ceremonies (Zimmerman, Hunter and Roberts)

Dr. Armand Hunter and Louis Zimmerman examine plans for WRTI*

Students show visitors recording equipment*

Professor Jacqueline "Jackie" Steck*

John Roberts as director, cues to sound effects person

Claire Gomberg receives her cue & moves towards the mike. John Roberts directs*/***

John Roberts waves to engineer as program goes out to Mitten Hall/a rehearsal*/***


Stan Goldstein and Jack Drennan in Studio C*

Bob Feldman, Ruth Steinberg & others in Studio B*

Sportscasters at Temple Stadium*

The Fall 1948-Spring 1949 WRTI staff */******

Al Sher and Eve Saievetz*


Adele Chamberlain in the Music Library

Journalism Professor J. Douglas Perry*

Norman Fell's Yearbook Photo*


Students doing a program in Studio A*

Students standing around a wire recorder*

The WRTI Staff in 1951*

Sam Feinberg's Yearbook Photo


Art Eisenberg & Joe Rosenberg look at a record

The WRTI Staff in 1952 (updated 10/14/98)

A couple of students look over a script

(10/10/52) Charles Shaffran at the WRTI mike*

Ray Buch in Control Room A******

Program fed from Temple to WFIL Radio******

Professors John Roberts and Joseph Carter on WFIL-TV******


Gary Gumpert in Control Room B

Magnecorders in Studio B (Close-up) [Additional info added]


Gloria Tablum and Ivan Shaner in the Music Library*

Gil Thompson on "Action in the Afternoon"

Steve Cohen and Warren Weiner listen to a tape*


Russ Bomberger in Studio B

Dan Wood posts an announcement on bulletin board*

Bill Dean in the News Room*


Professor John B. Roberts in Control Room C

Election Night, November 1956*

Joel Albert gets ready to do a remote*

Robin Pollack and Barbara Watson work on the logs*


Bob Lamb, Outstanding Senior*

(11/13/57) Russell Greaves & Richard Smith interview Milko Taka, a Japanese movie star*


Joel Albert, Yearbook Photo

Nelson Tobolsky, Tom Cardella & Chuck Sherman covering a football game

Joel Albert, Norm Childs and Ed Keen in Master Control

John Zacherle as Roland being interviewed by Jean Horvitz

The WRTI Staff in Action in Studio A******

Tom Cardella & Joel Albert in the Newsroom

Doris Elvanian, Queen of the ROTC Ball*


John Roberts & 3 University Presidents

Jean Horvitz, Yearbook Photo

Annette Shandler, Yearbook Photo

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*From the collection of Gerry Wilkinson
**From the collection of Bob Cirillo
***From the collection of Tobias Poole
****From the collection of Fran Odyniec
*****From the collection of Lois Rubin Gross
******From the collection of Mike Biel