Historic Newspaper Articles about Temple University

[Remember Thomas Hall]

The Beginnings of Barton Hall

Barton Hall, named after Samuel Barton was built on the site of century old row houses on the 1900 block of Park Avenue. Here's a Temple News article dating from the fall of 1958 about the demolition of those properties.

[Remember Thomas Hall]

Roberts & WHYY-TV

As most of you know, Professor John B. Roberts was the founder of WRTI. However, he was also co-founder of WHYY-TV. The January 19, 1953 issue of the Temple University News gives some details on the beginnings of WHYY-TV.


1891 Article about Baptist Temple Opening

Most Temple University students or alumni have never read this article, over a century old, about the opening of Baptist Temple. It is particularly interesting to read because of the differences in writing style between then and now. Read the Monday, March 2, 1891 issue of the Philadelphia Inquirer. This is another Temple historic document. Recreated using HTML.

Article no longer available!


FDR was Threatened at Temple

When President Franklin Roosevelt came to Temple to make an address during Founder's Day on February 22, 1936, his life was threatened.


Conwell Delivers Lecture for the 5,000th Time

Temple University's founder, Dr. Russell H. Conwell was well known at the turn of this century for delivering his famous "Acres of Diamonds" speech. On May 21, 1914, he makes the address one more time at the Academy of Music in Center City. He was introduced by John Wanamaker. Read all about it in the May 22, 1914 issue of the Philadelphia Record newspaper.


Helen Keller receives degree from Beury

Many of you know the name "Beury" as a building. Well, it is. But it was also the name of Temple University's second President. Read the February 17, 1931 issue of the Philadelphia Public Ledger newspaper and the article about the midyear commencement and the celebration of Founder's Day. Dr. Charles E. Beury presents honorary degrees to Helen Keller and the Governor of Pennsylvania.


The Dedication of College Hall

Here's you chance to read the original article published on May 4, 1894 in the Philadelphia Public Ledger about the dedication of what we now call "College Hall." Not originally called College Hall until 1908, it was simply referred to as "the new building," "the College building" or "the Forum." This article includes the original wood block drawings.


1948 Article about Dedicating WRTI Studios

Perhaps for the first time in a half century, WRTI Alumni will be able to read the January 23, 1948 issue of the Philadelphia Inquirer about the dedication of the radio studios that were in the basement of Thomas Hall. This is another WRTI historic document. Recreated using HTML.

Besides the Philadelphia Inquirer article, we present the banner story from the Temple University News which dates from the day before the ceremonies.


1964 Article about Thomas Hall Repairs

In 1964, the building that housed WRTI, Thomas Hall went through some renovations.


Temple Broadcast Course Via Radio - - in 1926

More than 70 years ago, our Alma Mater broadcast a course via radio. Charles Beury thought that it followed the beliefs and principles of the University's founder, Russell Conwell, who believed that education should belong to anyone who wants it. Read the April 2, 1926 article from the Camden Courier.

Four years later, in 1930, members of the Temple faculty defeated newspaper reporters in a spelling bee that was broadcast live to the city via radio.

This first offering via the airwaves led to the establishment later that same year of WOOF, a "mock" University radio station. It didn't have any transmitters, but did have broadcast studios. The WOOF article was written by Kenn Venit.


Listen to JFK on Temple's Campus

On October 31, 1960, U.S. Senator John F. Kennedy appeared in Philadelphia. First at WCAU-TV where he was on the CBS-TV program "Face the Nation" and then at Temple University. It was one week before the election. Jerry Klein has uploaded excerpts out of the Mike Biel archive for all of us to hear. There are two excerpts. One is part of his speech to the students. The other is our own Don Oakes interviewing the future President. Don in Spring of 1962 would become FM News Director.

We have added on October 17, a photo of JFK's visit to Temple.

Gerry Wilkinson remembers JFK, on that day being driven up North 57th Street in West Philadelphia. His uncle's in-laws, the Malloys, lived across the street. Mrs. Malloy had baked the Senator and cake and Gerry has still has strong memories of her giving JFK the cake and the future president taking a taste of the frosting with his finger. Some body in a suit grabbed the cake out of his hands so he couldn't eat any more. The cake was taken and placed inside the car behind JFK. Gerry isn't sure but thinks he remembers the guys inside eating the cake.