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WRTI-FM Photos

Posted by Jerry Klein (except as noted)


There are some additional photos on the WRTI Memorabilia page.

April 1998 - The Nostalgia Tour On April 3, 1998, a group of WRTI alumni returned to the Temple campus to visit the current WRTI-FM studios and the site of the original studios in the basement of Thomas Hall (Little did we realize in the late 60s that THIS was the REAL "Camelot"!!!). Click here for photos from that visit.

Gerry Wilkinson has posted over a hundred additional photos of that visit, plus 25 more.

The WRTI-FM Control Room

We're fortunate to have several shots of the WRTI-FM Master Control Room (Control Room B).

The first is a shot of the WRTI master control rack in control room B, circa 1966-67, with an explanation of what all that stuff was! Supplied by Mike Muderick (and scanned by his son Joel).

Here's another shot in the control room, showing Dick Swayze taking meter readings around 1965. Supplied by Kenn Venit, who originally took the photo for the Temple News. (Sorry about the quality - it's an old Polaroid that's discolored a bit.)

From May 1967 - The control room console in Studio B This was taken during the Janis Ian appearance on Broadside (see below). Unfortunately, the quality of this and the other color photos (taken without flash in a dimly lit studio) that evening is very poor. This is the only one of the color photos that is really worth posting.

April 1964 - WRTI AM & FM Staff Group photo (54kb) - This is a scan of an 8x10 glossy photo. I'm not sure where I got it, since I didn't arrive at Temple until 1966, but aren't you glad I have it?

December 1964 - The WRTI Christmas Party - Here is a group of 12 photos taken on December 16, 1964. Provided by Marlene Patrick and uploaded by Gerry Wilkinson. We also have plenty of Christmas audio. You can hear three complete Christmas recordings produced at WRTI in 1961, 1963 and 1968, along with holiday station IDs, a holiday prank - WRTI style, and a special greeting from New Year's Eve1965.

1966 Annual Banquet - These photos were taken and scanned by Mike Biel; cropped, compressed and uploaded by Jerry Klein.

Photo 1 - Bill "Quietly Proud" Stock.

Photo 2 - Barry Berg putting ice down Jane Lessner's back.

Photo 3 - Professor Blenheim raises his glass in a toast.

Photo 4 - Jane Lessner kissing Dave McLaughlin.

Photo 5 - Sharon (Shanie) Wolov, now Waldman (a friend of Marlene Patrick) hugs Mike Muderick.

Photo 6 - Wolov and Professor Roberts admire Mike Bove and his dance partner.

These are from a series of 33 photos that Mike sent us recently. Click here to see them all.

Photos from May 1967

The two groups of photos immediately below were taken by Mike Biel. Jerry Klein has scanned his copies of them and has uploaded them. Jerry has tried to identify people as well as he can. If you find errors or can identify unidentified people, please let Jerry know so he can correct them. You can email him at

If you have photos you would like to add to this collection, please contact Jerry and he'll be happy to scan and upload them.

Annual Banquet - May 12, 1967

Photo 1: Dais (left to right): Tom Snyder, Bob Donze's date (and future wife) Debbie, Bob Donze, Dr. Lawrence Blenheim, Mrs. Blenheim(?)(obscured by waitress), Dr. Gordon Gray, Mrs. Gray.

Photo 2: Another shot of the dais. I think that is Professor Roberts at the far left, but I cannot identify the two women betwen him and Tom Snyder.

Photo 3: Tom Snyder at the podium. He was then the new news anchor at KYW-TV (which was, until the late 1990's, channel 3) in Philadelphia. As you may know, he now hosts "The Late Late Show" on CBS-TV after David Letterman's "Late Show." (Ironically, in a WRTI-FM interview with Florence Weiss on February 20, 1967, Synder said he would never do a late night show. Click here to listen to Synder's comment in RealAudio. And click hear for more audio clips from that interview)

Photo 4: Graduate assistant Rich Mayk being congratulated by Dr. Blenheim.

Photo 5: Gerry Wilkinson.

Photo 6: WRTI Chief Engineer John Wright talking to Ed Sciaky and Mike Biel.

Photo 7: Sanford Skalka and his date. Professor John B. Roberts is in the background.

Photo 8: Mike Biel and future wife Sheila.

Photo 9: Bob Donze and Ed Sciaky.

Photo 10: Ed Skiaky sticking his tongue out at Bob Donze.

Photo 11: Marlene Patrick. (She later married another WRTI alum, Al Maslin, who was at WPVI-TV. Marlene then used the name Marlene Maslin.)

Photo 12: Bob Donze speaking from the dais.

Photo 13: Bob Donze and his future wife, Debbie.

Photo 14: Bob Donze and Debbie (standing).

Photo 15: Ron Wetheimer at the podium.

Janis Ian Appearing on Ed Sciaky's "Broadside" in the WRTI studios - May 13, 1967 (We also have some audio from this broadcast)

Photo 16: Ed and Janis (note the cigarette she was trying to hide. Remember, she was only 16 years old at the time).

Photo 17: Ed at the microphone as Janis performs in Studio B.

Photo 18: Part of the studio audience. Mickey Saperstone second from left; Barbara Alexander third from left. I don't know who the others are.

Photo 19: Ed at the mike.

Photo 20: Jerry Klein in Control Room B.

Photo 21: Ed, Janis and Jerry.

Photo 22: Janis and one of her entourage with Ed in Studio B; Jerry, an unidentified woman and Mickey look on from Studio A.

Party at Mickey Saperstone's apartment - May 1967

(From Jerry Klein's archives.) My recollection is that this was a graduation party at Mickey Saperstone's apartment on North Broad Street. Many of the attendees were cast or crew from "The Radio Show," a comedy/variety series produced by Mickey and Ron Wertheimer.

Photo 1 shows Sandy McDaniel (I think) at the left. Next to her is a woman whose name I don't remember. Next is Mickey, then Howie Shapiro and Joe Ryan.

Photo 2 shows Mickey (exiting at left), Ron Wertheimer, Ira Mellman, Lenore Patterson (bottom right) and the back of Howie Shapiro's head.

Photo 3 is Mickey with a friend whose name I don't remember. Note the Zavelle's calendar on the door.

Photo 4 shows Ira Mellman, Howie Shapiro and me. Must have been Pfroffner Wine we were drinking!

Photo 5 is Joe Ryan making sure the portable tape recorder works. In Photo 6, he interviews Lenore Patterson. Photo 7 is another shot of Joe, who looks pretty shot in this shot. Behind him, mostly obscured, is Ira Mellman.

Ed Sciaky Interviewing Peter, Paul & Mary - October 1967

(From Jerry Klein's archives.) The famous folk trio appeared in concert at Philadelphia's Academy of Music. Ed interviewed each of them backstage for his Saturday night "Broadside" program. Jerry Klein was along as engineer.

Photo 1 - Ed (and an assistant) with Mary Travers.

Photo 2 - Ed and Mary.

Photo 3 - Ed with Mary, who is hyping the group's latest release, "Album 1700."

Photo 4 - Ed with Mary, who shows a little skin.

Photo 5 - Peter Yarrow speaking into a WRTI microphone (an RCA "77").

Photo 6 - Ed and Peter Yarrow.

Photo 7 - Ed with Paul Stookey and a crowd of onlookers.

Photos from the Temple News (as well as the text of the articles they accompanied; click on the article title to read the full text.)

The following three photos appeared in an October 11, 1968 feature article, "WRTI FM to Start New Season." This article previews the station's plans for the new semester, the first for WRTI-FM in Annenberg Hall. (Interestingly, the article makes only a passing reference to WRTI-AM, which reads as if it no longer existed. WRTI-AM was in fact shut down just two months later.)

These three photos were taken by Elmer Kuber, CLA (66-69), B.Sc. (Pharmacy) 1972. He told us, "I was friends with a few "communications" majors back then and had a Leica 35mm camera. I did a bit of free-lance photography work around the campus and was asked to take pics for the opening of the new station. The girl who asked me to do the photo shoot was a friend from the crowd I used to hang around with in Sullivan Hall (from 66-69) named "Buffie" if I remember correctly. In those days we didn't use last names, so I really don't remember her last name. I don't know if Buffie was just a nickname or her real first name."

The descriptions below are the original photo captions:

Photo 1: PREPARING TO AIR the first program for WRTI-FM this semester are Roger Wood, left, Fred Woscoff and Sandy Skalka, all '69. The programs are being broadcast from new offices in Annenberg Hall, and the station workers will be using the newest, most modern equipment.

Photo 2: DECIDING ON MUSIC for radio shows are Scott Filderman, '70, left, and Ed Cunningham, '69. WRTI-FM will offer a large variety of musical programs this semester and there will be something to suit the tastes of everyone on campus.

Photo 3: WORKING ON PUBLICITY and administrative details before going on the air are Jim McMunn, '70, and Sue Ellis, '69.

The next four photos appeared in a January 31, 1969 feature titled, "WRTI makes it sound good." The article focused on WRTI's history and its programming. Unfortunately, it is not particularly well written and it contains a number of factual inaccuracies. But it is an interesting glimpse at the state of the station just a few months before it was changed to the all-jazz format. The persons in the photos were not identified but I remember two of them:

Photo 4: An announcer.

Photo 5: Len Loev, newscaster.

Photo 6: Dena Shuman, announcer.

Photo 7: Sportscaster.

The Great Basketball Showdown - Click here for photos and audio clips from this epic basketball game between WRTI-FM and. WRCP - February 12, 1969.

Miscellaneous photos and other stuff

From Jerry Klein's archives, except as noted.

Circa 1966. Jane Lessner and Ardell Creely, showing a bit of leg. Supplied by Mike Muderick (and scanned by his son Joel).

October 1966 - Annenberg Hall being built. Looking northwest from the corner of 13th and Norris Streets. And here's a photo taken by Gerry Wilkinson, from almost the identical spot, showing Annenberg Hall and Tomlinson Theater after they were completed. Click here to see the two photos together.

May 1967 - Ed Sciaky sitting at Jerry Klein's desk in Jerry's and Mike Biel's dorm room. Note the bottle on the shelf. This was destined to become...the Pfroffner wine bottle (remember, from S.C.I.M. - Some Call It Madness?) Here is a closeup of (a black & white photocopy of) the Pfroffner wine bottle label, courtesy of Mike Biel.

June 1967 - In the basement of Thomas Hall, where the WRTI studios were located. Photo One shows (sitting along the wall in the hallway) Ed Cunningham, Lenore Patterson, Sandy McDaniel and someone else I can't make out. Standing is Ed Sciaky. Barely visible on the right is Howie Shapiro. Photo Two shows Florence Weiss, Jerry Klein & Mickey Saperstone in Control Room B.

Jerry Klein's FCC Third Class Radio License - Anyone who was going to take transmitter readings needed one of these. (This one was marked "cancelled" when it was sent in for renewal.)

Mike Biel commented: Are you SURE that's why your license is marked CANCELLED? They actually RENEWED it????? In spite of what the grand jury said?????

Jerry responds: Some people are just pains in the butt, aren't they? Well, Mike, since you insisted, here is my renewal license for your reading pleasure.

Jerry's Temple University ID cards, circa 1966-68 -- Card #1 - Card #2 (These were obviously not taken BY Jerry, but this seemed a good place to put them.) (#1 also appears on Jerry's Annex page.)

A New Year's Eve party at Jerry Klein's parent's house (in the basement). Not sure whether it was 1966 or 1967. Among the partygoers were Ed Sciaky and future wife Judy (background), and Bob Donze with future wife Debbie (foreground).

March 1968 - A WIP/610 Radio newsletter showing Florence Weiss interviewing Tom Moran of WIP, George Lord of WCAU and Jay Cooke of WFIL, for her WRTI-FM interview program, "Focus Philadelphia."

Jerry Klein cueing a record - Florence Weiss found this photo in her scrapbook. I had a hard time identifying it, since I don't remember the photo. At first, I thought it was the on-air studio at WRCP AM & FM (on Locust Street near 20th in Philadelphia), which had a phone in that spot (I used it to take requests), and the position of the turntables seemed about right, too. But Gerry Wilkinson thinks it was not WRCP. He says, "I think the photo was taken in Master Control of WRTI-FM in Annenberg Hall. I particularly remember those ugly panels (seen in the background) being there. Also the turntables seem to be in the right position." Looking at it further, I think Gerry may be right. The photo does not show the sideburns and moustache I sported in the WRCP publicity photos (below), nor do I remember working in coat and tie... it was a country music station, after all! Plus, there was a control rack at WRCP that should appear in the photo from this angle, but doesn't. So I think Gerry is right that it was the "new" WRTI-FM master control in Annenberg Hall, circa 1968.

June 1969 - Jerry Klein (left) and Mike Bove pose with country singer Jeannie C. Riley ("Harper Valley P.T.A.") at Country Music Jamboree #2, held at the since demolished Cherry Hill (N.J.) Arena. Several other country stars performed, including Willie Nelson. Both Jerry and Mike were DJs at country music radio stations - Jerry at WRCP, Philadelphia, Mike at WEEZ, Chester, Pa. Jerry worked the midnight to 6 a.m. shift during his junior and senior years; his on-air nickname was "The Midnight Cowboy." Here are several publicity shots of Jerry and the other "WRCP Good Guys":

WRCP Photo 1 - Jerry is in the middle.

WRCP Photo 2 - Jerry in center holding white hat. On the left is Shelly Davis. On the right is Bob Backman (his on-air name was Bob Steele), another 'RTI Guy.

WRCP Photo 3 - Jerry is on the left, Shelly is third from the left, Bob is on the right.

WRCP Photo 4 - in color. Jerry at top center; Shelly at top right; Bob at bottom left.

February 14, 1970 - The WRCP Good Guys, including Jerry Klein (center, with mustache) and Bob (Backman) Steele (far right), pose with country star Merle Haggard (facing Jerry) backstage during Haggard's concert at the Philadelphia Civic Center. WRCP sponsored the concert and the Good Guys were the emcees. This was at the height of Haggard's popularity, when "Okie from Muskogee" was at the top of the country charts. This concert was recorded and released soon after as an album called "Fightin' Side of Me," the title song of which was also enormously popular. The other guy in the suit (between Jerry and Bob) is promoter Carlton Haney.

October 1969 - Professor John Roberts on the WFIL-TV news interview set. I don't remember the circumstances of this photo. Might it have been part of a class field trip? (Before Annenberg Hall, TV production labs were held at WFIL-TV. But I don't recall having a class that used those studios.)

1971 - Jerry Klein reading the news on the air at WCAU-AM (the CBS O&O in Philadelphia) , where he started working right after graduating from Temple.

July 1972 - A WCAU-AM staff party. Three WRTI alums were on the staff: Jerry Klein, who took these pictures; former graduate assistant Rich Mayk; and Anne McNulty, who had been one of the hosts of the afternoon Broadway show music program on WRTI-FM in the Spring of 1969. Here's a shot of Rich and Anne together.

April 1973 - A news conference with Pennsylvania Secretary of Welfare Helene Wohlgemuth. Among those attending the news conference was Howard Shapiro (in the light jacket), from the Philadelphia Inquirer. Sitting in the background is Jerry Klein, who was then Wohlgemuth's press secretary. Here's a closer look at Howard and Jerry.

July 1978 - Howard Shapiro (left), listening to Ed Kasuba of KYW Newsradio, in Jerry Klein's backyard at Jerry's 30th birthday party. Jerry was then working at KYW.

September 1999 - This photo shows Jerry Klein, Anne Klein, Florence Weiss Specland and David Specland at the 1999 Harvest Ball, held at the V. Sattui winery in Napa Valley, California. Jerry and Anne were scheduled to be in San Francisco in September for a meeting of Pinnacle Worldwide, of which Jerry is currently (1998-2000) president. Coincidentally, the V. Sattui winery was holding its annual Harvest Ball on the same weekend. The Speclands, who know the winery owners and have been attending the Ball each year for many years, invited the Kleins to join them and, as they say, a good time (and plenty of good wine) was had by all.

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